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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

                 Each purchase order has the details of a contact and vendor. So the purchase
                 order can be sent either to the contact or the vendor.

            When you send an email, you can send it either to the contact or to the vendor with the purchase
            order attached as a PDF. 

            There is one thing that this built-in option does not provide - you cannot keep a full history of the
            email communication, as the incoming emails do not get associated to the CRM records. For this,
            you need the Zoho Mail Integration.

            Zoho Mail Integration

            The Zoho Mail integration allows you to access your email account inside Zoho CRM. The email

            account you add will be accessible under a new tab in CRM: Email. This integration is not just
            limited to users who have an account with Zoho Mail. If you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or
            other mail clients, that will not stop you from using this feature. You can still use this integration
            and configure your mailbox within Zoho CRM. 

                 Who should set up a mailbox in Zoho CRM and why?

            The Zoho Mail add-on is a great tool for sales reps. A typical day includes finding qualified
            prospects, making calls, completing tasks, meetings with those prospects, and collecting more

            details about their leads. These activities also involve sending emails and receiving replies. 

            The Zoho Mail integration makes a copy of both outgoing and incoming emails, and associates
            them to the corresponding CRM records. This gives sales reps a full history of email communication
            to work with. Using this integration, you can not only keep customer-specific emails associated

            to CRM data but also get your entire inbox accessible inside Zoho CRM. 

            Email Sharing Options 

            Emails associated with records in CRM can be shared with other users in the organization’s CRM

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