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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

            The Basics

            We bring email and CRM together. You close more deals.

            Email is still as important a medium for business communication (if not more so) as it was a
            decade ago. There are a fair share of critics who say that the emergence of social media and
            other instant forms of communication has led to email losing its charm. Those critics are wrong.
            Organizations continue to send plenty of emails: companies to their customers, employees to

            their managers, sales reps to prospects, one team member to another and so on! 

            Email is here to stay as the first and most powerful medium of communication for salespeople, for
            a long time to come. A majority of people still use email as their preferred mode of communication

            because they find it more professional.

                                               A study by Marketing Sherpa found that
                                               72% of customers prefer to be

                20%                            contacted by companies through email,

                            72%                while less than 20% prefer in-person meetings or phone calls.

            Emails are also the best method of documenting conversations, as opposed to real-time chat or
            talking over the phone, because these conversations can be preserved and checked at a later

            Not only is email a more professional form of communication, it is also the most effective medium
            when it comes to conversions.

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