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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

            Gmail API

            Let’s say you’re a Gmail user who is not keen on configuring POP or IMAP for your emails. In

            this case, the Gmail API is your best alternative. When you use POP/IMAP protocols, your emails

            get stored in the CRM database. But when you use the Gmail API, they’re not stored in CRM,
            but called directly from the Gmail servers through APIs, giving your emails greater privacy and

            When you set up your Gmail account using the Gmail API, you can:

                                                 Send and receive emails

                                               Contextually view your emails
                                              along with the contact’s details.

                                                   Share your emails with
                                                 other users of Zoho CRM.

                                      Segregate emails based on three categories in
                                      your Gmail account - Deals Closing This Month
                                            (CTM), Open Deals, and Customers.

            You can set up the Gmail API in Zoho CRM by clicking
            Setup > Personal Settings > Email Settings > Gmail API. Click Authenticate to get started.

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