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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

            SalesInbox is an intelligent tool for email, which seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM to combine
            email and CRM information in one place. It automatically populates work email into the respective

            columns based on CRM data, which helps in keeping mailboxes organized for salespeople.

            SalesInbox will:

            •  Automatically organize your emails based on your sales pipeline and the stage each deal is
                in. In other words, emails from leads or contacts will make their way to the Contacts & Leads

                column, emails from prospects will be in the Deals column and emails from your colleagues
                (using the same domain) will be found in the Colleagues column. 

            •  Give you the entire history of your organization’s communication with leads, contacts and
                prospects, ranging from previous emails and support tickets they sent to their latest social

                media posts. 

            All this commuvvnication is visible in the inbox itself, so there’s no way you’ll miss out on closing
            your next deal!

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