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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

            Email + CRM Solution

             You might face a few complications when it comes to managing, organizing, and keeping track
             of the emails that clutter your inbox. If you don’t keep your inbox organized, you will end up

             missing out on the really important emails.

             Also, when you have the emails in one place and customer records in your CRM, you can’t
             quickly access the communication you’ve had with your customer. You’ll end up wasting time
             and effort switching between tabs. Your emails and customer details need to be better con-

             nected. There definitely needs to be a connection to eliminate any loopholes in email

                 Having a copy of the email attached to your customer records is the solution

                 that Zoho CRM provides.

             Don’t waste time switching between emails and CRM. Keep a copy of your email attached to all
             your customer records with Zoho CRM. 

             Did you send an email to Liza, a qualified lead, to schedule a product demo? It will be right there

             in your CRM account, along with other important details about her.

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