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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

            These emails are public. So everyone at Zylker can access them. If you’re able to access the
            record, you can also check the associated emails. 

            Emails to Leads, Contacts and Prospects

            When it comes to leads and contacts, the process of sending emails with the built-in option is
            pretty simple. Their email addresses are already available inside the record, along with other
            important details. It is not quite the same case for the Deals module, however.

            Deals are either transactions with organizations  (B2B) or with people  (B2C), that generate
            revenue for your organization. Deals usually don’t have an email address associated with them
            but they do have contacts associated to them. For every opportunity, there is a contact person

            who is involved in the buying process.


                So what happens when you want to send an email regarding a deal in Zoho CRM?

            When you send an email to the contact associated to a deal, Zoho CRM notes down the contact’s
            email address and saves a copy of the email with the contact and the deal records.

            Quotes, Invoices, and Sales Orders

            In most sales processes, quotes, invoices, and sales orders are important documents that sales
            reps exchange to keep a record of each sale. This exchange is always done through emails,
            which, after they’ve been approved by a sales manager, are sent to the customer or contact
            person. Just like deals, in Zoho CRM, quotes, invoices and sales orders also have a contact
            associated to them.

                 When you click on the Send Email option, you are basically sending an email
                 to the contact with the quotes/invoices attached as a PDF.

            Purchase Orders

            The case with purchase orders is slightly different. Purchase Orders are legally bound
            order-placement documents for procuring products or services from vendors. Each purchase
            order will have the details of a contact and vendor. 

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