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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

             Research by Campaign Monitor shows that you are
             Six times more likely to get prospects or contacts to click
             through to your website if you reach out to them through email

             than you are through Twitter or Facebook.

               Social               0.49%          0.60%           0.73%           0.88%           0.71%

               Email                3.06%          3.24%           3.48%           3.58%           3.19%

            Picture some common practices in organizations. 

               1.   Sales reps prospect to find out how likely a lead is to convert to a deal. They also send
                   an official email to keep colleagues up to date about any progress. The lead, in the
                   mean  time, gets an email confirmation of all the details that were discussed over

                   the phone.

               2.  A company sends emails to targeted customers, informing them about exciting new

                   products or inviting them to a trade show.

               3.  Email newsletters are a common sight in your inbox. If you subscribe to a company’s

                   blog or have signed up to be on their mailing list, you’ll often see newsletters in your
                   inbox offering you various discounts, inviting you to read about new features and so on.

            You can imagine many such situations in your daily work life where email is the best-suited option
            for communication. 

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