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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

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               1.   Discover the various email options Zoho CRM offers when it comes to sending emails.

               2.  Choose the email option best suited for you.

               3.  Find out the major benefits of having your emails organized around your customers’ data.

            Built-In Option For Emails

            Zoho CRM comes with a built-in option to send emails to your leads and contacts. Without any

            email account configured, you can send email to your contacts from within you CRM account and
            also have them associated to the contacts or leads.

            That way,  you don’t have to necessarily search through your inbox to locate the email

            communications you had with a customer.

            How the Built-In Option Works

            The built-in email option is available in all your Zoho CRM modules including Leads, Contacts,
            Potentials, Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, and more.

            In these modules, each record gives you an option to send emails and store a copy of that same
            email in the record.

            Let’s take the example of Amanda, a sales rep at Zylker Corp. 

                                  Although Amanda is not an Administrator of Zylker Corp’s
                                  CRM account, she is one of the sales executives, who has signed
                                  up using her official email address,

                                  When Amanda sends an email to her contacts, the From
                                  address will be auto populated as

            Zoho CRM creates a virtual email account with Amanda’s email address. Now when Amanda
            sends emails, her messages will be coming from that virtual account and will automatically

            associate to customer records in her CRM. 

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