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Emails + Zoho CRM for Your Business

            Administrator driven email sharing gives you the power to decide with whom emails can be shared,
            what permissions should be given to whom, which domains can be excluded while sharing and

            more. It lets you control how each user shares email conversations with his/her team. 

            Admins can change the sharing permissions that have been set, or leave it to the choice of the
            team mates to decide their email sharing permissions by selecting “User’s choice”.

            These are the sharing options:  

            Private -  You cannot share emails with your colleagues.

            Custom Sharing - Share emails only from selected leads and contacts.

            Complete Sharing - Share emails from all leads and contacts. 

            POP/IMAP Configuration

            Zoho CRM gives you two integrations to choose from for your email communication: POP and
            IMAP. Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) is supported by virtually all email clients and servers.
            The POP protocol downloads all emails from your provider’s server. This means you can only
            read email messages in that particular email client and that server. If you decide to make changes

            to that email, those changes will be visible only on one device. 

            Let’s say you have mistakenly deleted an important email from a contact on your phone, and you

            need to access that email again. Since that email has been downloaded from the server, you can
            still see it on your laptop.

            Similarly, let’s say you’ve made changes to an email campaign on your laptop but want to revert
            to the previous version of the campaign at a later stage. Through POP, you can continue to

            access the old version of the email on your phone or tablet.

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