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How to become a smarter sales rep with Zoho CRM

            Get the pulse of your customers

            For a sales rep, timing is critical to sales success. SalesSignals gives you instant notifications about
            what your prospects are up to. Has the prospect that you’ve been chasing all week opened your
            email? You will get an alert as soon as that email has been opened.

            Prospects and customers can reach out to you across various channels, from visiting your website
            to filling up surveys, raising support tickets and posting on social media. SalesSignals lets you
            keep track of all customer activities, by displaying them in an organized timeline.

                                                                SalesSignals will be displayed:

               SalesSignals                                     •  When emails are received from leads,
                                                                     contacts, or potential customers.
                       Melinda Anderson             12:37 PM
                     Venture Capitalists

                                                                •  When a lead, contact, or potential
                        Opened - Thank you for visiting...  3
                                                                     customer opens an email sent from or
                       George Smith                 12:16 PM         clicks a link in the email, or when the email
                     Treble Notes Inc
                                                                     has bounced. The status of the email can
                                                                     be Opened, Clicked, or Bounced.

                       Michael Wright               11:54 AM
                     Smithson Publication                       •  When missed calls are received from leads,
                        Mentioned @zylker               2            contacts, or potential customers.

                       Gray Davis                   09:16 AM
                     Treble Notes Inc                           •  When survey responses are received from
                        Sent a Message                               leads, contacts, or potential customers.

                       Joe Hackett                   Jan 20     •  When you get new support tickets,
                     H I D Corporation
                                                                     comments, or responses from leads,
                        Responded - Premium Store - Fee...    4
                                                                     contacts, potential customers, or customers.
                       Gray Davis                   09:16 AM
                     Treble Notes Inc
                                                                •  When you receive missed chats from leads,
                        Sent a Message
                                                                     contacts, or potential customers.

            •  You will also receive SalesSignals notifications for support tickets that are overdue or
                 escalated, or when a customer gives a new rating to a support agent.

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