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How to become a smarter sales rep with Zoho CRM

            Think within your (in)box

            When it comes to sales, the most recent email isn’t always the most important.  When a prospect is
            sending you an email asking about the pricing of a particular product, that email needs to be in a
            place where you can immediately access it. That will save you a lot of time and effort. You already

            organize and prioritize your sales activities according to your pipeline and the stage each deal is
            in. Now you can organize your emails the same way too. Make sure you don’t miss out on that cru-
            cial email from your prospect who is asking you for the price of a particular product, just because
            it got stuck in a pile of junk and irrelevant emails.

            SalesInbox    DEALS                  CONTACTS & LEADS       NOT IN CRM             COLLEAGUES
                          David Miller    Yesterday  Jeremy Watson  10:40  Donna Baker  11:58 AM  Robert Yonker, Me (2)  Yesterday
                          Request for sample logo de..  $ 4000.00  Product tour!  Regarding product features  Re: Final Attempt
                          Adam Johnson      Jul 12  Maria Thomas  Yesterday  Sandra Evans  10:20 AM  Jennifer from Zylker  Jul 11
          Mine      99+
                          Web design deal- confirmat...  $ 3000.00  Demo request  Tradeshow on 12/7/2016  Choose the right plan
          Inbox     65
          Drafts          Martin Taylor     Jul 12  Steve Johnson  Jul 6  Twitter       9:47 AM  Elizabeth Leon.Me (2)  Jun 13
          Sent            Reg: Price plans  $4000.00  Plans and benefits   Follow James Carter on Twitter!  Re: quick question
          Spam      16
                          Valarie Thomas   Jul 02  Sandra Evans    Jul 4  Charles Jones  7:40 AM  John Peter    Jun 6
                          Clarification in pricing  $ 10,000.00  Latest upgrade?  Interested in your product  Success Story!!
          Unread    95+
                          George Faulkner  Jun 31  Warren Hastings  Jul 3  Nancy Parker  Yesterday  Rose Edward  Jun 2
          Closing this Month  2  Demo request  $ 4000.00  Re: Welcome onboard!  Webinar registration  Trying to connect
          Top customers
                          Patrick John Smith  Jun 21  James Carter  Jun 22  Deborah Smith  Yesterday  Peter Parker  Jun 30
                          Need business cards desig..  $ 4000.00  Clarification in the design process  Loved your tradeshow  Interesting news
                          Sharon Glaze     Jun 13  John Dykes     Jun 22  Veena Trivedi  Yesterday  Manish Sharma  Jun 30
                          Product Demo   $ 4,500.00  Reminder: Portfolio  How to use this feature?

            SalesInbox has columns, folders and filters that reflect your sales priorities and let you stay on top

            of the emails that matter the most to you, not the ones that are on top in your inbox. It does this by
            intelligently organizing your emails according to how you’ve set up your CRM.
            For instance, emails from your leads and contacts go to the Leads & Contacts column, emails from
            your peers go to the Colleagues column and emails from potential prospects go straight to the

            Deals column.

            While regular email clients let you filter emails based on the sender’s address, who’s been
            CC’d, etc., SalesInbox lets you filter emails based on both the sender’s email address and sales

            parameters. For instance, emails from customers who are giving you deals worth more than 50,000

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