Page 2 - Become-a-smarter-sales-rep-with-zoho-crm
P. 2

Here is how you can work smart.

             •  MailMagnet                                         •  SalesInbox
                   Be notified about important customer                  Think within your (in)box

             •  SalesSignals                                       •  Social
                   Know the pulse of your customers                      Convert social media conversations into
                                                                         actionable leads

             •  Email Templates                                    •  Insights
                   Personalize your communication with                   Know how your emails have performed
                   multiple leads

             •  Mobile                                             •  Best time to contact
                   Carry Zoho CRM in your pocket                         Get your timing right

             •  Macros                                             •  Kanban view for Activities
                   Automate routine actions                              Get the CRM context for your activities

             •  Tagging
                   Identify important records with tags
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