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How to become a smarter sales rep with Zoho CRM

            USD can be categorized in a folder named “Top Customers.” SalesInbox also creates dynamic
            folders for “Closing This Month,” “Customers,” and “Deals,” and shows them right alongside the

            folders you already have.

            With SalesInbox, you can also:

            Automate lead creation in your inbox

            When people show interest in your product or business, set up triggers to automatically categorize
            new messages as leads. For instance, when you receive an email from an address that is not in

            your CRM, you can create certain conditions, which, when met, will execute a workflow rule to
            convert that email address to a lead.

            Get automatic reminders

            Create automated alerts to remind you to respond to your emails on time. Say you’ve sent an email
            to a contact, and they haven’t responded for a couple of weeks. SalesInbox has ResponseWatch,
            which lets you assign a due date for when you should hear back from a lead or contact.
            ResponseWatch monitors your inbox, and if you don’t hear back within a certain deadline, it alerts

            you to follow up again. When you don’t let your emails go unanswered, you’re on your way to
            being a sales superhero.

            Work with contextual information

            Whenever you email contacts, you should also be aware of how they’ve progressed through the
            sales cycle. Contextual information in SalesInbox lets you scan all your notes, tasks, and previous
            messages, so you can pick up from where you left off.  When you have the right context, you will

            know how valuable each prospect is, who deserves more attention, and when the next deal is

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