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How to become a smarter sales rep with Zoho CRM

            Become a smart sales rep with

            Zoho CRM

            At some point in our lives we have all dreamed of possessing superpowers to do extraordinary
            things, just like our favorite superheroes.  We’d love to fly over the traffic to our workplace, multitask
            in a jiffy and close deals in a snap – in short, we’d love to be that smart sales rep at our workplace!
            But wait, you don’t have to be born in Krypton, be bitten by a radioactive spider, or possess

            hi-tech gadgets to do all that. Like Mjollnir is for Thor, your reliable tool is a good CRM system that’s
            flexible and does most of the sales automation, leaving you to just focus on customer interaction
            and closing deals.

            In this ebook, familiarize yourself with features of Zoho CRM that could help you become that
            smart sales rep at your workplace who is always one step ahead of the rest.

            Get instantly notified about important customer emails

            You’re at work on a beautiful Monday morning, quickly running through all your emails and replying
            to the ones that are most important. By noon, you find out that you had missed out on reading

            an important email from a hot prospect. The reason? Your inbox is cluttered with business emails,
            personal emails and other pesky, irrelevant emails!

            The rule of thumb to be a smart sales rep is to
            attend to your prospects as soon as you can

            and for that, you need a filtered view of your
            prospects’ emails alone. With Mail Magnet,
            you’d not only receive emails within Zoho CRM
            but also get a filtered view of your prospects’

            emails.  The best part of this integration  is
            that you don’t need to keep checking  your                                    3
            emails all the time. Each time you receive an
            email from a prospect, you’re  notified by the

            mail icon that pops up right on the Zoho CRM
            home page.

            MailMagnet will be available only if you enable the Zoho Mail Integration and configure your email
            account within Zoho CRM. Make sure you do that.

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