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How to become a smarter sales rep with Zoho CRM

            Go Mobile. Carry Zoho CRM in your pocket

            To all the field sales reps, here’s another handy tool. We know you work pretty much round the
            clock, attending many customer meetings, conferences and events. But you can’t always carry
            bulky laptops to update your activities and keep your team in sync with the latest happenings,

            can you? You need a CRM system that you can carry in your pocket. And Zoho CRM for Mobile
            gives you just that. From adding leads to creating tasks, receiving email notifications to finding
            customers nearby, the Zoho CRM Mobile App has it all.

                                Know who is nearby

                                Locate all the prospects near you, wherever you go. Use the Map View in the
                                Zoho CRM Mobile App and locate the leads, contacts and prospects in your

                                area, and schedule meetings during your next business trip. Find out where
                                your leads are located and figure out the best time to contact them. 

                                Track your meetings

                                Whether you’re going to the movies or eating out at your favorite restaurant,
                                you like to check-in to that location and share it on Facebook or Twitter. 

                                Keep your colleagues in the loop about who you have visited by checking-in
                                at your customer’s location. 
                                When you log all your visits, your teammates know where you’ve been and
                                customer visits won’t be duplicated. 

                                Your check-in also gets recorded as a note associated to that particular lead
                                or contact.

                                Give voice to your thoughts

                                Do you want to record your conclusions about a recent demo you gave to a

                                prospect or record your thoughts about your meeting with a customer? You
                                don’t have to type out lengthy notes. Record voice notes when you’re walking
                                or driving, associate these audio files with your records and download them for
                                your reference whenever you need them. 

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