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Pricing models

             The majority of cloud-based—also known as software as a service (SaaS)—CRMs are priced on a

             monthly subscription model similar to Spotify or Netflix. This payment model is very attractive to
             SMBs because business owners only pay for what they need and not for superfluous features.

             Whether classified by number of users or features, most CRM vendors offer various editions

             with various pricing. The most robust edition with the highest-level features like automation or
             marketing capabilities costs more per month than the standard edition with basic features.

                     From a cost-saving standpoint, Bernard Health’s bottom line has
                     improved significantly since switching to Zoho a year and a half ago.

                     We save over 70% per year since switching. When I tell people that
                     we changed CRMs, they’re shocked. They think that Salesforce
                     is the only platform on the market that can accommodate the

                     complexity of our business. And that’s just not true.

                     - Alex Tolbert, Founder, Bernard Health.

             This is where cost can vary greatly, so ask yourself whether you need a CRM with in-depth and
             customizable features or can you get by with basic functionality? Fortunately for owners, the
             CRM market is very competitive and almost all vendors offer a free trial of their software, and in
             some cases even a free edition. At Zoho, in addition to a free 15-day trial of CRM, we also offer a

             free trial edition of all our products.

             Take advantage of these offerings and sign up for a few free trials or even the free version before
             purchasing to make sure it’s the solution that best fits your business.

     What’s an SMB? It’s not what you’ve been told.          05                               
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