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What’s an SMB?

            For too long we’ve defined small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by their size. But there’s
            nothing small about the neighborhood coffee shop that makes the perfect latte, the graphic
            designer who creates beautiful artwork, or the local insurance agent who protects the community
            in the event of a catastrophe. These businesses start with an idea and move forward with passion,

            exceptional customer service, and hard work. And while they may be small in payroll or square
            footage, there’s nothing small about their aspirations or their needs.

            At Zoho one thing we’ve noticed, and are constantly reminded of, is our SMB customers are
            smart. Unlike big corporations stuck in their ways, SMBs are constantly learning, adapting, and
            improving. They’re quick to adopt technology and quick to upgrade or replace it when something
            better comes along. They also embody the spirit of the modern business by doing more with fewer
            people, taking advantage of every opportunity, and using every available tool to make an impact

            and be more competitive.

            It’s time we rethink what an SMB really is. These businesses aren’t small at all. They’re smart

            and modern businesses. One such tool these businesses can implement right away to get more
            organized and close more deals is a CRM. But with so many CRMs on the market, which is the right
            one for you? This ebook will help you understand what a CRM is, why you need it, and how you
            can use it to benefit your SMB for years to come.

            What is a CRM?

            While salespeople still close deals the old fashioned way—with charm, persistence, and likability—
            the smart and modern salesperson knows those methods only get you so far. To grow your business’
            pipeline and speed up the sales cycle you also need organization, a proven sales process, and

            insightful analytics.

                   CRM (customer relationship management) gives you all of that and more. Like the name
                   suggests, CRM helps business owners manage and understand their relationships

                   with current and prospective customers by analyzing interactions and measuring
                   data. When implemented, CRM improves business relationships, streamlines the
                   sales process, and increases overall customer acquisition and retention all from a
                   single location, with the least amount of work possible.

     What’s an SMB? It’s not what you’ve been told.           01                              
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