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Author:  Austin Ries                        Contents

          Recovering journalist, currently
          struggling weekend-guitarist, and              •    What’s an SMB?

          full-time storyteller at Zoho. You can
                                                         •    What is a CRM?
          follow him on Twitter (@austintries),
          Instagram or send him an email at
                                                         •    Why do SMBs need a CRM?

                                                         •    How to choose the best CRM for your business

                                                                     Cloud versus on-premise CRM

                                                                     Pricing models

                                                         •    CRM buying guide checklist

                                                         •    How to get the most from your CRM

                                                         •    How can CRM make your business smarter?

                                                                     Using your digital identity

                                                         •    Automate your day using workflows.


                                                                     Zia: AI-powered sales assistant

                                                         •    Go multichannel and grow your SMB

                                                         •    Conclusion

                                                         •    Highlights Of Zoho CRM
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