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Integrations                                         Flexibility
                                                                 Financially speaking, this can be one of the
            Chances are you are already using a number
                                                                 most important factors in choosing your
            of cloud applications to run sales, marketing,
                                                                 CRM.  Some  CRM  vendors  require  you  to
            and other aspects of your business. Your
                                                                 sign a long-term contract without the option
            CRM should be able to integrate with those
                                                                 of canceling or reimbursement. By doing this
            third-party applications (like social media or
                                                                 you forfeit any option of switching to another
            email) so no aspect of your business has to
                                                                 CRM until the contract expires. You want a
            be interrupted.
                                                                 CRM with flexibility, in case you need to cut
                                                                 costs or find another solution down the line.


            If the CRM works the way it’s supposed to,
                                                                 Data security
            your business will grow year after year. That
                                                                 A common question and concern among SMB
            means your CRM has to keep up. Whether
                                                                 owners is whether or not their data is secure
            it’s adding more complex features, using
                                                                 in a cloud-based CRM. For those used to
            additional modules or even integrating with
                                                                 storing all personal data locally, the unknown
            other products, your CRM should be able to
                                                                 of trusting your customer information to a
            scale alongside you.
                                                                 third party can seem risky. But working with
                                                                 a CRM that runs from a secure data center

                                                                 ensures your files are always protected and
                                                                 always available wherever you are. If you
                                                                 have questions, talk with the CRM vendor
                                                                 before purchasing and ask them to explain
            CRM exists to help your business grow, get
                                                                 their privacy and security policy.
            organized, and improve relationships with
            customers. That means you should never

            have to change your business to fit your CRM.
            It needs to be customizable. If it isn’t,
            move on.

     What’s an SMB? It’s not what you’ve been told.          07                               
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