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The problem for salespeople everywhere is they’re only spending a third of their day actually

            selling. The rest of their time is spent completing administrative tasks, qualifying leads, and
            manually entering data. CRM is the easiest way to take care of these time consuming tasks and
            get your reps back on the phones, doing what they do best.

            Zoho CRM is designed with the modern business in mind. By giving you insight into your sales

            performance to see what is and isn’t working it lets you make the appropriate adjustments. You can
            also keep your sales team on track by setting up automatic emails and messages to customers so
            no task or lead falls through the cracks.

            If you are looking to grow your business in the coming months and years, CRM gives you all
            the necessary tools to follow up with prospects and nurture leads with the personal touch of a
            one-on-one interaction.

            Why do SMBs need a CRM?

            There’s a common misconception that CRM is too expensive or too complicated for SMBs. And
            while CRM used to be a luxury only large companies could afford, the market has shifted in recent
            years. Today, SMBs everywhere can afford and implement inexpensive  and easy-to-use CRM
            software customized to their own needs and business process.


                            Partnership    7%
                                                       S Corporation
                                               44%                           86%
                      Sole proprietorship  16%
                                                                           Sole Proprietorship
                          C Corporation
                                    Small Employer  Firms                   Non employers

                                     Legal Form of Organization of Small Business
                                        Source: U.S. Census Bureau, SUSB and Nonemployer  Statistics.

             One common characteristic a majority of SMBs share is limited resources and manpower. In
             fact, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that roughly three-fourths of these businesses are
             sole proprietorships, meaning one person, or just a few, are doing all of the work all of the

     What’s an SMB? It’s not what you’ve been told.          02                               
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