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As these businesses grow they will inevitably need help. That’s where CRM enters the picture. At
            its basic level, CRM makes it possible for your business to scale. Spreadsheets, address books,

            and other primitive forms of organization can only take your business so far. If a business wants
            to compete with larger companies, it needs a more sophisticated way of managing its sales cycle.

            CRM gives you a complete and insightful view of every customer, letting you not only see contact
            information but also purchase history, personal interests, and even how they’ve interacted with

            your company website. And that’s only the beginning.

            When implemented, a CRM can also help SMBs:

                       Get and stay organized so leads and customers never fall through the cracks

                                                                          Securely store data to prevent
                       Become more efficient with a
                                                                          data loss in the event of a
                       repeatable sales process.
                                                                          hardware crash.

                       Automate routine tasks to do more                  Analyze every part of your sales
                       with less time and fewer staff.                    process with detailed reports.

                       Improve customer service by                        Store and view all your customer
                       streamlining daily operations.                     information in a single place.

            No matter the size, every business needs to visualize its pipeline so it can chart a clear path to
            success and growth. A sales pipeline is a visual representation of where your prospects are in
            the buying process as well as a representation of a salesperson’s or sales team’s forecast. With

            a CRM, SMBs can develop deeper relationships with customers by better understanding their
            needs, providing exemplary customer service, and competing with larger companies day in and
            day out.

     What’s an SMB? It’s not what you’ve been told.          03                               
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