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Why you need a Multichannel CRM

            A deep reports system gives you insight into which of your emails are performing best, with
            parameters like open rate, click-through rate, and the bounce rate. With Zoho SalesInbox, you

            get the CRM context for all your emails because they get organized according to your pipeline.
            Emails that matter the most are on top, instead of the ones that came in most recently. Drag drop
            emails to convert them or create deals, it’s that simple.

            Instead of just setting reminders for what you need to do for a customer, set reminders for

            what the customer needs to do for you. ResponseWatch monitors the inbox for replies from
            specific leads/contacts and notifies you if they haven’t responded in a set time period, this lets
            you decide on how you wish proceed with them.

                                                     With Zoho CRM’s phonebridge integration, you can

                                                     one-click call any of your leads, contacts, or prospects
                                                     directly inside the CRM. The calls are automatically logged
                                                     and associated with the specific lead or prospect. Add
                                                     notes, and set tasks and reminders during the call. With

                                                     call analytics that give an overview of how your team is
                                                     performing, know where you’re doing well and where
                                                     you have room to improve.

            With our Zoho Social integration, you stay on top of what your customers say about you on social
            media. Get notified of any activity that relates to your brand: including @mentions, when your
            posts have been shared, etc. These activities get associated with the respective lead or contact,

            so you can always have conversations with context the next time you interact with them. And you
            can even automatically add people as a lead or a contact through our Automate lead generation
            feature. All of this is done from right inside Zoho CRM.

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