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Why you need a Multichannel CRM

            Hello from the other side.

            No amount of communication technology can replace the atmosphere of an actual
            conversation. Nevertheless, phone calls with a prospect can give you a good idea of where the
            customer stands in regards to a product or a service— without having to make an in-person

            visitor meeting.

              Are they excited to know more about the product?

              Are they requesting a quote or a follow-up call?

              Do they want to make a purchase now, or in the immediate future?

            In fact, prospects prefer the phone, as well. According to Google , 70% of mobile searchers
            have used the click to call feature on their smartphone, after locating a product or service on
            the search engine. Of these, around 61% considered the call as an important part of the business


            Leads generated over the phone are termed “excellent leads” by around 61% of businesses,
            according to a BIA/Kelsey report. So every time the phone rings, make sure that the prospect or

            customer on the other end is actually engaged, and has a good experience interacting with your

            A missed call on your end is a missed opportunity, and possibly another deal for your


            Your customers are on social media. Are you?

            With the rise of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s become essential
            for any business to have a social media presence. 

                                                   Facebook is the most visited website in the world.
                                 Others            A study from the Pew Research Center found that 68%
                      68%                          of the adults in the United States are on Facebook, a large

                                                   chunk of a business’ target audience.

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