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Why you need a Multichannel CRM

            Furthermore, live chat gives you access to a customer’s pain point in real time. The sales rep has

            the opportunity to immediately address the issue and increase the chance a sale is made.

            Sometimes it’s better to meet prospects and

            customers in-person.

            In the age of a digital revolution where every aspect of a business is carried out on the web, and
            tightening of travel budgets amongst numerous businesses, face to face meetings may seem
            obsolete. But nothing couldn’t be further from the truth.

                                 95%                                               40%

                              face-to-face meeting                                 Deal closed

            95% of subscribers said that face-to-face meetings  are key to building and maintaining a
            long-lasting business relationship. In addition, Virgin airlines found that in-person meetings also

            have a closing rate of 40%. [9]
            Meeting customers and prospects in-person not only builds a relationship but also builds
            trust. Physically meeting someone gives you the opportunity to do something that digital

            communication does not— create a great first impression.

            To make the most of in-person meetings, you need a comprehensive system that keeps track of
            all your customers’ contact information and previous interactions. This results in an informed and
            possibly, a fruitful interaction with a prospect.

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