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Why you need a Multichannel CRM

                                              Marketing Sherpa has found that
                  95%                         95% of online adults , between the ages
                                              of 18-34, are more likely to follow a brand

                                              on social media.

                                              It is wise to monitor your social media feed frequently,
                                              because customers who post questions or complaints on
                                              Twitter expect a reply within the hour.  [6]

            In order to get the most out of social media, you primarily need to keep track of what your
            customers think and say about you. You also need to be sure to engage customers by

            addressing their questions, responding to their comments, and posting content that’s relevant
            to your target audience.

            Why wait, when you can live chat?

            Although live chat can seem like a pretty inconspicuous part of a website, it holds enormous
            potential to improve sales and the customer experience. Customers don’t have to be put on hold
            or wait religiously for a representative to call them back. In addition, live chat cuts down on cost

            and helps put you one step above the competition, in the customer’s eyes.

            An survey  found that:

                                        Chat                                                    Chat

                  38%                                                     62%

                  stated that the live                                    of consumers
                  chat session with                                       were likely to
                  a rep was the                                           purchase again from
                  reason the purchase                                     a site that provided
                  was made.                                               live chat support.

                  First time Purchase                                     Repeated Customer

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