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Getting Your Sales Reps to Love CRM

            Automate work

            Configure Workflow Rules to make Zoho CRM work the way you do. A typical sales workflow, for
            example, involves these steps: acquire leads, send emails, convert leads into deals, negotiate, and
            close the deal. Automate this process to reduce the mundane and repetitive work for your sales


                                                                                Info and States

                                                                                Deal Follow Up Process

                                                                               This process helps in Following up with deals.
                                                                               Module: Deals  |  Layout: Standard  |  Field: Stage
                                                                               Entry criteria for this Blueprint: + Add Criteria

                                                                                           Available States
                                                                                      Negotiation done
                                  Schedule Appointment      New
                                                                                     Discount Approved

                                                                                      Discount Rejected
                   Schedule Appointment
                                                                                         Decision Made

            For instance, if the deal advances to the next stage in your sales process, create a follow-up
            task for the Deal Owner, stating that they must add a note in that record summarizing the main
            takeaways of their conversation with the prospect.

            Of course, you can set up workflows to send an email, create tasks, update a field, send a webhook,
            etc. Additionally, you can also schedule the action to occur at a later time. For instance, to create
            a task reminding the sales rep to send a follow-up email after a field in the deal record is modified.

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