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Getting Your Sales Reps to Love CRM

            Zoho’s iPhone apps like Leads or Card Scanner let you instantly capture the attendee’s information
            into the CRM database. This saves your reps a lot of time, and they can even follow up right from

            the CRM Mobile app. Use the app to set up a workflow to send an automated email to a lead.

            Bring social media into CRM

            A sales rep can make a stronger pitch to a prospect or advance a lead to the next stage if they have

            a clear idea of the potential customer’s personality. But whats the best way to get that information?
            From socialmedia, obviously. Sales people can peruse the profiles of their leads to get a sense oft
            their requirements.

                  Customers                       Open Deals                     Leads / Contacts

                  Pings   Streams                Pings   Streams                 Pings   Streams

                       William price   1m ago          Heather Yamane  10m ago        Jack Wilson     1m ago
                       Replied to a tweet.             Mentioned your brand in
                                                       a tweet

                       Heather Yamane  5m ago          Tiany Larsen   1m ago         Nicole Ellsworth  6m ago
                       Mentioned your brand in a       Commented on Zylker’s post
                       tweet                           on Zylker

            The social media integration in Zoho CRM allows a sales rep to find a customer’s social media
            profile, without having to open up new tabs and search for it manually. Furthermore, responses
            from a company’s representative would make customers feel that the company takes care and

            effort to address their requirements.

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