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Getting Your Sales Reps to Love CRM

            The one who converts 5 gets a trophy.

            In addition to accomplishing day-to-day sales tasks, Zoho CRM’s gamification features also have
            long-term value. For example, calculate bonuses for your sales reps based on their performance

            in all the games they participated in last year. This boosts morale so that they never get bored with
            their work.

            Keep the door open to all

            An organization is nothing but a cohesive unit of people who coordinate their work with the ultimate
            aim to increase their revenue. And of course, it involves the ones higher up the ladder too. An

            alarming problem in most companies is the lack of communication between the different levels
            or even among peers in a company. Any one from your company can get in touch with any team,
            hence improving coordination and ease-of-work.

            Tackle this problem by enforcing the Open Door Policy. Contrary to popular belief, this policy
            works wonders. Making the organization flat has become a necessity since it is a collective effort
            by everyone.

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