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Getting Your Sales Reps to Love CRM

            Roles help you form the hierarchy of your organization and Profile lets you determine the level
            of permission a user can have. Setting up Profiles gives you the means to reduce the amount of

            unnecessary information that a sales rep sees.

            Stick to gathering only the relevant information

            Most CRM applications have lots of fields to store data. However, in day-to-day use, most of

            the fields are left untouched. Seeing a lot of empty fields makes it look like the sales rep doesn’t
            have enough information. But that is usually not the case. Use Layouts to remove those unwanted
            fields, and make your Zoho CRM database look more concise and complete.

            Conditional Layout Rules is another feature in Zoho CRM where the fields show up only after

            particular criteria is fulfilled. For instance, in a real estate company, the information you want to
            get from the customer differs depending on whether the requirement is an apartment, individual
            home, or a villa.

            Give them the benefit of going mobile

                                          Place business card inside the box
                                                                       Name : Charles Stone
                                                     Charles Stone
                                                  VB Salse & Marketing

                      Bridgefood Corpration
                                                                       Company : Bridgeford Food Corpeation

                                             Bridgeford Food Corpration
                                                                       Website :
                                          Ph : (800) 555-5296, (800) 555-5555
                                               Email :
                                              Website :

                                                 Scan Card       Scan Badge

            A CRM mobile app gives you an edge in customer acquisition. For instance, a sales rep from your

            company attends a trade show. They return with a bunch of business cards. Instead of having to
            manually create leads, your reps can quickly add them with a mobile CRM app.

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