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Getting Your Sales Reps to Love CRM

            modules to view the related data. In addition, all the related lists contain an option to create a new
            record in that particular module and associate it with the parent record.

            Say, for instance, you are currently viewing a record in the Accounts module and you strike a

            deal with them. Click +New Deal button in the related lists section for deals to create a record in
            the Deals module and automatically associates it with the record in the Accounts module. There
            are lots of places where information about a customer can be found. For example, Social media,
            spreadsheets, text files, mobile notes, etc. Zoho CRM provides an option to integrate social media,
            emails, and notes. As a result, all information about a lead or customer is in one place.

            Cut the clutter

            Do not display modules not in use

            Zoho CRM contains lots of features targeted at helping all businesses. Therefore, some modules
            are not necessary for every user. By setting up Profiles and Roles for your users, you not only

            define a structure for your company but also remove unwanted modules to ensure that sales
            reps have the information they need without having to search for it.

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