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Getting Your Sales Reps to Love CRM

            Ways to Make Your Sales Reps Love Their CRM

            Most sales reps are not fond of using CRM software. They have to enter data manually and
            spend countless hours doing reports. They claim that the CRM isn’t user-friendly. According
            to CSO Insights research, a CRM is not about helping salespeople but only to show the

            sales pipeline and activities. However, the CRM systems have a ton of features which is quite
            beneficial to the salespeople. The question is how can you implement and manage your CRM
            system to get your sales reps to love it and adopt it? Here are some suggestions.

            Introduce contextual information

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            There are a lot of modules in Zoho CRM that contain information about a particular customer
            (e.g.Activities, Deals, Quotes, Invoices). Most reps go back and forth between these modules on

            a daily basis while working with prospects. What if you make it easier for them by introducing
            Related Lists?

            With Related Lists, your sales reps can view all of the records associated with a parent record.
            In other words, all the tasks, deals, events, products, invoices, etc. are displayed in the contact
            information of the customer’s record in Zoho CRM. That way, they don’t need to navigate to different

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