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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

                         The Activities module in Zoho CRM allows you to create, organize, and associate
                         business tasks, events, and calls. Each  record contains  information on the date, time,
                         priority level, and notification parameters for the activity associated with it.

                         Forecasts are factual insights for making informed business decisions and can help you
                         anticipate future sales. They provide a personalized, real-time view of your business for
                         tracking and fine-tuning your sales process and an overall picture of the company’s sales

                         pipeline and the individual performances of the sales team.

              Defining your organization’s sales process

              It is important to define the steps required for closing a deal in your organization. 

              Some of the sample stages involved in a sales process are below:

                 STAGE                                          WHAT IT MEANS

                                                                An individual or an organization prior to
                 Unqualified account/contact
                                                                becoming a probable lead.

                                                                Details of an individual or organization
                 Lead                                           received from a lead source which shows
                                                                potential to become a customer.

                                                                Successfully converted leads become
                                                                contacts or accounts.

                                                                Generates real revenue for your

                                                                organization. Will evolve through dierent
                 Deal                                           sales stages such as Prospecting,
                                                                Qualification, Needs Analysis, and Value

                                                                Based on whether the deal is successfully
                 Prospect Won/Lost
                                                                converted or not.

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