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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

              What is Zoho CRM?

              Zoho CRM is a cloud-based platform designed to manage the marketing, sales, customer support,
              and inventory management functions of your organization within a single system. Zoho CRM also 
              oers various add-ons to help you integrate third-party applications.

              Zoho CRM has all the necessary functions to help your organization from converting a prospective
              lead into a customer right through to closing a deal. CRM can be used for aspects such as tracking
              sales performances, understanding sales projection, automating business processes, and improving

              workflows and activities. A CRM can be used by people in various roles including Sales
              Representatives, Executives, Managers, Lead Managers, Event Managers, and
              Marketing Managers.

                                                                   Sales signal



                                                                          Close deals
                                                                                           Multi channel

                             Support        ZIA              Gamification

                                         Task                                      Automation

                                                         Inventory      Sales

                                                           ZOHO CRM

     Zoho CRM Resources                                                                                               3
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