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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

                                                                 Custom modules
                 Standard modules
                                                                 (depending upon your organization)

                 Accounts                                        Appointments

                 Projects                                        Closures

              Zoho CRM terminology

              Business can be a minefield of jargon. Listed below are some key terms and
              their definitions in Zoho CRM:

                         Leads are the raw details about unqualified contacts or sales opportunities for your
                         business. They can be collected from web forms, seminars, advertisements, and other
                         marketing campaigns and can be both individuals and organizations.  Sales reps will
                         follow up on leads and if they are qualified, they will be converted into accounts,

                         contacts, and deals in Zoho CRM.

                         Accounts are the companies or departments with which your organization is currently
                         doing business or is planning to do business. In a typical B2B scenario, accounts are very
                         important for keeping track of important company information.

                         Contacts are the people in a company with whom your organization communicates.
                         In Zoho CRM, contacts are often converted from qualified leads. In Business-to-Consumer
                         (B2C) transactions, the contact is the most important information for new customers,
                         whereas in Business-to-Business (B2B) it may be just one piece of information you have 
                         for the organization with which you are doing business.

                         Deals (opportunities) are the most important records to generate revenue in a sales
                         organization. In a typical B2B organization, all deals will undergo a complete sales cycle,
                         which starts with identifying a potential prospect or lead and ends when
                         prospects are won or lost.

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