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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

              You can separate the tasks you perform in Zoho CRM into one-time setup and
              ongoing maintenance tasks:

                One-time setup tasks                              Ongoing maintenance tasks

                Configure personal and company settings          Manage data administration

                                                                Handle automation of tasks and other
                Set security options
                                                                processes inside Zoho CRM

                Customize the components of Zoho CRM            Manage Zoho CRM subscription

                Send invites and activate users for the         Set up and manage territories
                organization’s Zoho CRM account.                (if required)

              It is important to define your organization’s sales process before you start to set up Zoho CRM. 
              You can use modules to categorize and keep track of various aspects of your business such as Sales,
              Marketing, Customers, Products, and Events. These appear as tabs and are either standard modules
              or custom (user-generated) modules.

              Some of the common standard and custom modules are listed below:

                                                                 Custom modules
                 Standard modules
                                                                 (depending upon your organization)

                 Leads                                           Insurance

                 Contacts                                        Apartments

                 Deals                                           Prospects

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