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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

              Security features in Zoho CRM

              Security features in Zoho CRM ensure complete data protection. 
              The Two-factor authentication option provides an additional layer of security by requiring

              you to enter an authentication code sent to your registered mobile number via SMS or phone
              call when you log in. 

                                                       Enable this feature via
                       Joe Dustin
                                                       My account > Two Factor Authentication.
                       User ID: 657941260
                    My Account
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                       Chat with us       My Profile Info          Security        Two Factor Authentication
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                       Resources                                            Two Factor Authentication

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              Zoho provides additional security features including backup verification codes, 
              application-specific codes, and trusted browsers.

              You can also set role-based security, with the administrator defining data sharing settings for 
              each role. For example, while the administrator can access all data, a sales manager may only
              be able to access data related to sales. This helps you maintain data confidentiality in

              Zoho CRM.

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