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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

              Administrator responsibilities in Zoho CRM

              As an administrator in Zoho CRM, you have some initial tasks to perform at setup and responsibility 
              for maintaining the CRM. These tasks range from configuring various entities in Zoho CRM to

              monitoring other users’ tasks.

              Some of the Zoho CRM administrator’s

              responsibilities are:

              Configuring organizational settings,
              e.g., company details, fiscal year, etc.

              Managing data security by assigning roles and profile permissions to restrict access 
              to data to relevant users.

              Managing integrations with other Zoho applications, Google Apps, Microsoft Oce,

              Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, and Zoho PhoneBridge.

              Setting up and managing dierent territories for your organization

              (this may not be applicable to all organizations).

              Customizing Zoho CRM to suit the organization’s requirements.

              Setting up automation using options like Workflow Rules, Blueprints, and 
              Assignment Rules.

              Data administration, such as migrating data from other CRMs, monitoring file
              storage, and recovering space by deleting old and unwanted data.

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