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Getting Started Workbook for Admins

              Introduction to CRM

              CRM is a one-stop solution for all the sales and marketing activities of your business. Customer
              Relationship Management (CRM) is not only about maintaining customer information but also
              increasing productivity and ensuring optimum revenue for your organization.

              You may wish to consider the following points before getting started with CRM

                          Prepare your plan, process, and strategy

                          It is important to have a clear plan for how you are going to use CRM to help achieve 
                          your organization’s goals. As a CRM administrator, you should know who your users are 
                          and what their roles are, the business and sales processes in your organization, and the
                          kind of customization you need in CRM.

                          Be ready to make changes

                          CRM will simplify your business’s sales process. As an administrator, you need to be
                          sure which tasks can be implemented using the CRM, e.g., automating your sales
                          process, customizing fields. You should be ready to adapt to the changes and be open

                          to experimentation.

                          Get the most out of it

                          A good CRM is packed with features related to sales, marketing, inventory
                          management, and customer relationships. You must have a clear idea of your business
                          processes to identify the features in the CRM that can help you to achieve your 
                          business goals.

                          Be open to insights, reviews, and revamps

                          To get the full benefit of CRM, you should review the performance insights and make
                          changes to your business accordingly.

                          Work as a team

                          It’s not the duty of an administrator alone to manage the CRM. It should be a team eort.
                          From sales rep to manager, everyone in the organization should be involved. 

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