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Why you need a Multichannel CRM

            The sales rep apologized and informed Kevin that someone from the relevant department would
            contact him in a couple of days. 

            And that was too much for Kevin. He cut the call and took to Twitter to criticize the company for
            the lack of contextual communication and late responses before stating that he decided to do
            business with their competitors.

                   While this story might be hypothetical, it’s a very real problem with a very
                    simple solution.

            Let’s take a minute to dissect what happened in the above scenario. The prime takeaway is that
            Kevin resorted to multiple means of communication to figure out if the product he was looking for

            was available. 

            He contacted the store over the phone but no one seemed to answer. His attempt to live chat with
            a sales rep didn’t work either. The rep may have been offline or simply missed Kevin’s message. 

            His tweet got the company’s attention, but they sadly missed the context of his inquiry. As a result,
            he was contacted by a sales rep from a completely different department.

            The culmination of this interaction was a scathing tweet about the company’s disconnected
            communication, late responses, and poor service. As many of us know, things go from bad to worse
            when complaints like these hit Twitter. Not only is a customer lost, but our brand reputation is

            A customer today has access to numerous channels to contact a business. As this example shows,
            it is vital that you are ready not just to handle the incoming information, but that you are notified in

            real time. 

            The most widely used channels of communication are:

              Email              Phone Calls          Social Media            Live Chat              In-person

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