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9 nifty tips to optimize web forms

             TIP #7              Reply back with

             TIP #
                                 personalized emails.

            Walking into a nearby cafe, if you hear “Good Evening! What

            would you like to have?“. That would sound very “usual”.

            Who does not like a personal touch - “Hello! Welcome to
            the Coffee Shop. Would you like to try out the ‘Drink of the             Hello! Melinda...

            Day’ – Iced Coffee Slush with a hint of orange?”

            Sending emails to acknowledge the requests sent by your
            leads  is  a good  practice to  nurture  leads,  but  making  it

            automatic is no fun. Add a personal touch to your emails
            and set the right note for customer relationship and sales.
            Let your customers know that you’re genuinely trying to                  In ZCRM - Automated
            help.                                                                   personalized emails or
                                                                                     Auto-response Rules.

             TIP #8              Assign records automatically to

             TIP #
                                 sales reps for quick follow-ups.

            Your leads may fill up a form to find out more about

            your product, or to download a white paper or ebook.
            Whatever the case maybe, the question here is – How
            long does it take for your sales reps to follow-up on the
            leads and get back to them? There are various ways to

            connect to the leads or prospects, but the timing needs
            to be right.

            If it takes too long, then you need to revisit the lead
            management and follow-up process. Grab the opportunity             In ZCRM - Assignment Rules

            and don’t make your leads wait for long. Create a simple                and follow-up tasks
            workflow to assign and route the leads to the sales reps                 for record owners
            for quick follow-ups.

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