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9 nifty tips to optimize web forms

             TIP #45             Eliminate spam and automatic

             TIP #
                                 form submission.

            The last thing you want is your site to get attacked by

            ‘bots’ that would sign up hundred times within a minute.
            Moreover, you definitely don’t want to receive frequent
            junk requests that are considered spam. Captcha is a

            well-known solution to this.                                                  I’m not a robot

            Captcha is used a lot, but is very useful too! Include
            captchas  that  tell humans and  Computers  apart and
            eliminate automatic form submission to a great extent.

            It  would  reduce  the  amount  of  spam  and  give  you
                                                                                 In ZCRM - Using Captcha
            quality leads to work on.

             TIP #46             Keep the visitor engaged by

             TIP #
                                 redirecting to another page.

            Persuading the visitors to fill up the form need not be

            the only goal. You can go further and keep the users
            engaged. Get their attention by leading them to a
            page that gives them additional relevant information.                         Thank You!

            You could redirect the users to a page that:
                                                                                        Click here
               •   Highlights the latest updates, offers or discounts.           To See Our Latest Offers

               •   Provides an overview of the product in the form of

               a video or an interactive UI.

               •   Lists the testimonials from existing customers.
                                                                              In ZCRM - Landing page URL

            Or simply redirect them to a ‘Thank You’ page.

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