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9 nifty tips to optimize web forms

             TIP #3              Avoid too many required fields.

                                 Only ask what is relevant.

            It would be a loss if you get huge traffic to your web page

            but don’t have a web form that’s appealing enough to
            get the user to fill it. Again, you can’t deny that it is always
            tempting to collect as much information as possible. But           Full name        Phone no

            do you think a lengthy web form with clumsy layout and
            too many required fields will work? It may just scare them         Email id *
            off instead!

            Keeping the form simple with less required fields would

            be  a  wise  choice.  Build  a  form  with  just  the  important
            fields that take less than 2 minutes to fill. Maybe adding
                                                                                 In ZCRM - Making fields
            an extra field may look good but double check if it is
                                                                              mandatory and form’s layout.
            really  worth  it.  Ask  for  only  what  is  necessary  for  the
            sales reps to contact the leads and follow up with them. 

             TIP #44             Automatically pass hidden values

             TIP #
                                 for multiple forms.

            Often, there is a need to associate some details to the
            new leads without revealing it to the visitors. It could be

            the campaign that generated the lead, or the source of            Full name   Phone no
            the lead, or any other hidden value that you want along
            with the lead’s details.                                          Email id *

            Add hidden values that come in handy for such
            requirements. For example, if you want to host the
            ‘Request a Demo’ form in a couple of pages, get a clear
            picture of the source of lead generation by automatically         In ZCRM - Hidden fields in the

            passing hidden values.                                                       web form

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