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9 nifty tips to optimize web forms

             TIP #49             Filter records before adding

             TIP #
                                 them to your CRM.

            Someone in your sales team needs to give thumbs up

            to the leads that are getting added to your CRM system.
            Captcha is basically to avoid spam. But what about junk
            leads that enter your CRM?

            When your web form and CRM system are tightly
            connected, possibilities are that the ‘not seriously
            interested’  leads get added too. You definitely  do not
            want your sales people to waste their time on junk leads.

            Keep a check on records that are automatically added
            and approve them before they are ready for the sales
            team to follow up.

                                                                                In ZCRM - Approve records
                                                                                generated from web forms

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