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9 nifty tips to optimize web forms

              “Lisa, I’ve got this idea! How about we build
               a landing page and put up a web form?
              Visitors can sign up to receive notifications
               on the great deals and discounts we offer
                     on furniture and furnishings.”              “I’ve a solution

                                                                for that too. We      “Cool, interested people
                               “That’s great but why would         can offer        would definitely leave their
                              people want to give you their      interior design    contact details and we can
                                information? We need to          advice, free of      follow up to get a deal
                                 offer some incentives.”             cost!”                with them.”

            Do you have such conversations at your workplace too? Are you trying to figure out a way
            to convert the traffic to your web page into quality leads?

            Lead generation, as we all know is all about attracting people to your business. You could start

            a campaign, advertise, participate in trade shows, or conduct webinars. All this to get people
            interested in your product, just enough to persuade them to know more about it!

            You can take these efforts a step further by using a good web form builder. And if the form builder
            has a WYSIWYG editor, you can just drag and drop and create web forms in minutes!

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