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9 nifty tips to optimize web forms

             TIP #1              Connect your

             TIP #
                                 web form with CRM.

            Why  should  you  wait  until  a  fair  number  of  leads  are

            collected and then transfer them to a CRM system?
            Getting a bunch of leads at once is difficult to manage.
            But if you get them one at a time, it is much easier to

            assign them to the sales reps, add tasks, schedule calls,
            and start following up right away.

            Use web forms that are well connected to your CRM and
            get the data straight into the CRM database.

            You can relax without a tiny bit of doubt on the accuracy
            of the data that is captured from the web form and is
            accessed by your sales reps.
                                                                                   In ZCRM - Web forms

             TIP #2              Provide links and hints

                                 to fill fields.

            Often people are reluctant to give away information,
            especially when email address, contact numbers, etc. are
            involved. Provide a link to the privacy policy and assure        Full name     Phone no

            them that the information is safe with you.
                                                                             Email id *
            Hints on the information such as the data and time format,

            phone numbers with or without the area code, are very
            useful to maintain your CRM with clean data. It ensures
            that all the data is collected in the same format and also
                                                                              In ZCRM - Help links or texts
            helps the visitor in filling up the details. 
                                                                                        for the fields

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