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Decision Guide for Territory Management

            Let’s say you sell furniture for schools in different districts. Each sales group takes care of sales in
            their respective school districts. Within each district there are numerous schools (pre schools, high
            schools, college) that would like to buy furniture. Depending on the district and the quantity of order
            placed, you assign the deal to your sales reps. Here, it’s the account’s characteristic of the account
            that decides the overall sales structure.

            Using the territories here, will benefit you. It will provide focus and simplify the process of record

            sharing among individuals of different teams.

              Are your customers spread across various geographical locations?

              If so, do you want to reduce travel time and expenses for your sales team?

              Geographical locations?

           Creating territories based on geographical locations of the market, and strategically placing sales
           reps within their native country’s sales territory can be of great advantage for the business. This
           reduces the time on travel as business opportunities are centered in one demarcated area. Also, this
           will help your sales team overcome the cultural and language barriers that different territories have.

               Would you look for industry expertise in your sale reps, if your company deals with
               multiple product lines and verticals?

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