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Decision Guide for Territory Management

            Reasons to Use Territory Management

            Do you need to avoid uneven distribution of the customer accounts to enhance focused
            sales and team responsibilities?

                    Big & Small Deals                                       Small Deals
                                                            (distributed to a segment of sales force)

                                                                             Big Deals
                                                         (distributed to another segment of sales force)

                       Sales force

            Your sales reps may either have too much work or too little work. This could potentially lead to
            wasted resources and lost revenue. The workload needs to be properly distributed to give your
            existing customers and prospects the attention that they need.

            Say your customer account segmentation range from small businesses to large corporations and
            the opportunities are handled by the sales people based on the deal size. In such a structure, use
            territories to divide your sales team and assign prospects by business size to gain flexibility over

            data visibility and sharing.

            One group of sales reps can handle deals with maximum 50 licenses, another group can be
            assigned to deal with 50 plus licenses. In case of dynamic sales teams, having territories also
            facilitates easy movement of sales reps, as they may need to switch between territories.

               Does your organization’s business and data sharing model depend more on account’s
               characteristics (geographical divisions, customer account’s size, multiple products
               lines, industry, etc.) and less on the individual ownership?

            Using territorial hierarchy is a big advantage as territories provide more flexibility over data visibility
            and sharing.

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