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Decision Guide for Territory Management

                           Role Hierarchy                                      Territory Hierarchy

           User can be assigned to only one role.                User can be assigned to multiple territories.

                                                                 Users can have multiple forecasts targets, one
           User can have a single forecast target only.
                                                                 for each territory that they belong.

        Here is a business scenario to explain better!

        Let us assume that the sales force in Zillum Inc. comprises of six teams across the
        United States - North Central, North East, North West, South Central, South East and South West.

        In this sales structure:

          •    You do not want the sales team from any specific region to access the records of another region.

          •    There may be a few important prospects that you want to share with the senior sales reps

               from two different teams, in two regions.

        It may become a complicated process to achieve this using roles and data sharing rules alone. On the

        other hand, with territories based on a defined set of criteria, you can extend the Zoho CRM
        data-sharing model in your Zoho CRM account and easily share records with various users in different
        teams. This will ensure that the teams are focused towards a goal to achieve the sales target set under
        the different times zones.

                     Share prospects to
                     senior sales reps in both zones
                                                                             Sales rep in NORTH EAST does
                                                                             not have access to records in
                                                                             SOUTH CENTRAL

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