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Decision Guide for Territory Management


            When you switch to Territory Management in Zoho CRM, forecasts will also change to suit the
            territory requirements. When a user is part of multiple territories you may need to set different
            sales targets for the user, as you will have different targets set for each territory.

            Having a single forecast target for the user will not work then. By splitting your monthly/quarterly

            targets based on the territories and the customer accounts in them, you will have a clear picture
            of the sales forecast and the target to be achieved.


            Does your administrator find it complicated to manage the numerous sharing rules that have to be
            monitored when there are changes in the sales structure? When there is a complex data sharing

            architecture, some of the challenges that you have to be aware of are:

            Providing similar data access to multiple users, managing those permissions individually or on a
            role level for users, creating multiple sharing rules, maintaining huge data volume and monitoring

            frequent movement of sales reps to different sales groups.

            Territories, on the other hand, are easier to manage. For example: Your sales structure is demarcated
            based on region. A sales executive who takes care of customer enquires that come from China is

            a star performer in your team. You decide to give this sales rep additional responsibility, to handle
            customers from Japan. In this example, territory management gives you the flexibility to add the
            user in China and Japan sales territory to where the sales executive can access the customer
            records from both the countries.

            When complex data sharing rules and role hierarchy do not meet the requirements, territories

            are a much easier option to maintain as individual units that will also reduce the burden on the
            administrators. Visualizing your organization’s sales structure in a territorial hierarchy can help
            decide if Territory Management is the option for you.

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