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Decision Guide for Territory Management

            Sales reps need a thorough product/service knowledge and expertise that help boost sales. In
            travel business, if you are in charge of a Caribbean cruise, you have to be familiar with the tour

            packages, the pricing, itinerary, ship information, its special features, excursions and so on.

            Create a territory that includes customer accounts interested in the Caribbean cruise. Belonging to
            this territory that gives you enough experience and opportunities to develop your proficiency and
            negotiating skills is definitely good for sales.

               Does your business structure provide cross-selling opportunities? If so, do you need
               a  flexible  data  sharing  system  that  helps  cross-selling  to  promote  both  customer
               retention and revenue growth?

            With a business that deals in software for HR management, financing, staffing, and project

            management you may have a sales group focused on each of these products. When a prospect is
            interested in two of these products, how do you share the customer account with individuals from
            different teams who are involved in the sales cycle! Having a territorial hierarchy based on the
            product lines and granting access to sales reps from multiple teams is an efficient way to manage
            this scenario. It helps in collaborative cross selling for your business.

            Your Decision

            Make sure you choose the right data-sharing model for the smooth running of your business. If you
            would like to find out how Territory Management will suit your business needs, you can also refer
            to the online help for more details on how it works.

            To conclude, use territory management if you:
              •    Have a complex sales structure with the need to often change users to different sales


              •    Need to segment customer accounts based on the account characteristics rather than the

                   record ownership.

              •    Want an easy to maintain process for the administrators to manage sharing of data among

                   multiple users of different teams.

              •    Require multiple forecasts targets for users belonging to different sales territories.

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